Centralized Management, Monitoring, and Reporting

Create Meeting Room Harmony with the Unify ME Symphony™ Management Platform

Unify ME Symphony is a robust meeting room solutions monitoring, management and analytics platform that you access through an easy to use, browser-based and mobile-friendly portal. Getting started is a simple as downloading an app.

Through centralized management, your company's meetings will start on time and happen without technical difficulties, because you already know which systems are working correctly and which need maintanence, well before they are needed.

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Symphony dashboard is your window to your organization’s total meeting environment. Zoom into user and device level settings; monitor call quality; create customized workflows; set permissions; and, adjust alert thresholds.

From a single window, manage scheduling, automate call launching, and remotely troubleshoot connections for a positive and productive meeting experience. Manage user experience by location, room, meeting, or individual account. Manage meetings down the hall and around the world.

See the health of your meetings with Symphony’s QoE (Quality of Experience) measure, which combines user feedback with real-time device modality, network performance, and room utilization. Report usage and performance anytime in real-time.

Onboarding new users, rooms, devices, or solutions to Symphony is intuitive and quick. As your digital workplace and meeting universe expands, Symphony grows with you and provides the same simplified, global view to monitor it all from one single dashboard.

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Symphony Management Platform

Monitoring and Management Made Simple

See the full features and benefits of the Unify ME Symphony platform. Explore the features and capabilities of this all-in-one, browser-based management portal, including:

  • Monitoring of AV devices via a Crestron Controller
  • Business Process Automation Module
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange to give end users a familiar scheduling experience

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Read the user manual to see how easy it is to get your offices, meeting rooms, and devices added to the Symphony platform. Just connect to a web browser on any operating system and get started.

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