How the Microsoft Surface Hub Cuts Costs, Boosts Productivity

How the Microsoft Surface Hub Cuts Costs, Boosts Productivity

Why Read this Paper

You’ll learn how the Surface Hub can provide businesses with several benefits that help them reach their strategic goals, including:

  • Enabling businesses to further drive adoption of their unified communications (UC) solution. The Surface Hub natively supports Microsoft’s highly popular UC solution, Skype for Business.
  • Supporting BYOD policies. The Surface Hub offers connectivity to multiple devices on multiple platforms, either wired or wirelessly. Allowing the meeting to start on time.
  • Enabling businesses to better support distributed teams and a more mobile workforce. By providing a highly engaging and intuitive collaboration solution, the Surface Hub helps distributed teams and remote workers be more productive and engaged.
  • Driving innovation. By facilitating an overall better collaboration experience, the Surface Hub enhances a team’s ability to brainstorm and innovate, developing new ideas more quickly.


Cost and Productivity Benefits of the Microsoft Surface Hub


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